Amber Patty
Adoration of the Saints was very much about trusting my intuition in the process of art making. Usually I begin with a concept and build around that idea- this time I followed my impulses, which deflected a certain fear of failing my vision that is usually inevitable. I thought of my grandmother while sculpting the face. She reminded me of Mother Mary and I thought of the Adoration of the Saints. I thought of Mary crowning my grandmother and I thought of mortality. The divine figure had a sense of real flesh, of eyes glazed over, and a lifespan that would end also. What I love most about this piece is that it gives so many questions that are too complex to answer one straight way and why would I want to answer those for you? I love listening to sincere music and I feel I lose it when the artist tells the story behind it. It is so much more interesting to think of the psychology of the art and how it is applicable to personal lives in different ways.